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It always seems impossible—until it’s done.

—Nelson Mandela


Get Stuff Done Buddy

A virtual coworking community where collective focus meets unstoppable potential

Can You Thrive Beyond the To-Do List?

Ever find yourself stuck in a bottomless list of endless tasks?

The weight of procrastination and unfinished tasks holding you back?

Loneliness messing with your focus, productivity and success?

Hey, we’ve been there, too. We know that guilt and stress, that nagging sense of missed opportunities when things aren’t checked off your to-do list. And let’s not even talk about how that list just seems to grow with each passing day—along with overwhelm and anxiety that leaves you frozen. Staying on top of it all can be a real challenge! Plus, trying to tackle everything solo? It gets pretty lonely. We get it.

But You’re Not Alone…

Enter Get Stuff Done Buddy, your virtual coworking community. We’re here to collectively shed the weight of uncompleted tasks and transform procrastination into a powerhouse of accomplishment.

At Get Stuff Done Buddy, we know that every completed task is the key to opening the gates to a more fulfilled life and successful business.

It’s time to thrive.

And it all starts with getting stuff done…together.

How It Works: It’s as Easy as 1-2-3

1. Check the Calendar

Join unlimited virtual coworking sessions every month. With many to choose from, you never have to worry about not being able to fit it into your schedule.

2. Join a Session

Tap into the focus of others and get to work. Say goodbye to distraction and loneliness, and HELLO to productivity, with your Get Stuff Done buddies by your side.

3. Get Stuff Done

Whether it’s human contact lifting your spirits or the feeling of accountability from others “holding space”—working in community is magical for productivity!

A Variety of Virtual Coworking Sessions to Cater to Your Specific Needs

Been procrastinating on your bookkeeping? Bring it to the Task Tackle Money Monday session. Feeling distracted? Try a Focus Flow. Lacking inspiration? Join a Creative Spark or Motivation Burst session. And calling all introverts: the silent drop-in-anytime sessions are for you. The good news is you can attend any session—or all the sessions—all month long, including:

Focus Flow Sessions
These facilitated sessions start with speaking your goals, end with a check-in and include a fun mid-way break—all to keep you on track for getting lots of work done in between. Some sessions include focus-enhancing audio, such as coffee shop buzz. (2 hours)

Creative Spark Sessions
In these live sessions, a camera is trained on an artist (e.g., painters, potters, quilters, etc.) doing their artistic work. It’s not an art class; it’s like you’re a fly on the wall while they work. The magic is you’ll tap into their creative focus while you get your own work done. (1 hour)

Task Tackle Sessions
While most sessions are “work on whatever you need to,” the Task Tackle sessions are exclusively dedicated to activities that everyone loves to put off. For example: bookkeeping or digital decluttering or book writing, etc. (1-2 hours)

Productivity Catalyst Sessions
These facilitator-led sessions start with 5-10 minutes of a variety of activities that help get you settled, motivated and primed for focused work. Some examples: breathwork, confidence boosting, movement, laughter, etc. (1-2 hours)

Q & Do Sessions
Move over Q&A. Now there’s Q&Do, where a rotating list of guest experts on business and productivity facilitate the sessions to offer tips and guidance. You’re getting stuff done, and they’re there to answer questions as you work. (1 hour)

Motivation Burst Sessions
These short bursts of motivation appear throughout the week and are there to help remind you of your “why” in whatever you are doing. It’s easy to get discouraged or overwhelmed in the day to day of running a business—or just doing life! So come get re-inspired. (10-15 minutes)

Silent Drop-In All Day Sessions
No frills, just focus. Drop in anytime (24/7) and dive into work. If it helps keep you accountable, share your goal in chat, too. These sessions are especially helpful for the night owls, the introverts and those who need support in between other scheduled sessions. (All day, weekdays)

Happy Hour Sessions
Every completion deserves a celebration. And we hope you’ll be completing a LOT! So join your fellow Get Stuff Done buddies at the end of a productive week and raise a glass of whatever you drink for all you’ve accomplished. (1 hour, Fridays)

Get Stuff Done Day Sessions
When you want to knock out a big project, tapping into group energy and support throughout a full day is the perfect answer. Brief facilitated check-ins every couple of hours help keep you on track. (Once a month, on a Saturday or Sunday)

Sample Week's Sessions

Every Task Matters

Whether you’re an entrepreneur shaping the future of your business, a retiree learning a new language, a remote worker putting in the hours or an artist seeking inspiration, Get Stuff Done Buddy provides the perfect space to tackle your to-dos and hold yourself accountable for your dreams.

Imagine what’s possible in a week, a month, a year when you move forward in action on your goals and aspirations. You may find yourself living a different life! Here are a few sample tasks to get you thinking:

    • Develop a marketing plan for the upcoming quarter
    • Craft engaging blog posts for your website
    • Investigate industry trends and competitors
    • Explore new tools or technologies
    • Paint, draw, or engage in a creative project
    • Brainstorm ideas for your next venture
    • Review and organize your financial records
    • Do a quick workout or stretching routine
    • Practice speaking a new language
    • Tackle that overflowing inbox
    • Take an online course to enhance a specific skill
    • Practice meditation or mindfulness exercises
    • Connect with industry professionals on social media
    • Research potential travel destinations

The beauty of Get Stuff Done Buddy sessions is that you can work on whatever task you want. Just check the calendar, join a session and get to work! Your priorities are your choice. But whatever you need to do, it’s more likely to get done when you do it in community.

Unlock the Power of Community

At Get Stuff Done Buddy, productivity is a community affair. It borrows from the concept of “body doubling” —in which individuals work alongside someone for mutual accountability and completion. Co-working virtually, you’ll conquer tasks and create momentum.

How to Know if Get Stuff Done Buddy Is for YOU

☑️  If you’re committed to achieving goals you’re passionate about, welcome to your new tribe.

☑️  If you’re tired of your hopes gathering dust, Get Stuff Done Buddy is where dreams become plans and tasks turn into triumphs.

☑️  If you’re primed to push procrastination away for good, Get Stuff Done Buddy is the secret weapon for you.

On the other hand…

❌  If you find comfort in stagnation and prefer the predictability of the status quo, this might not be your scene.

❌  If you’re looking for magic productivity pills, rather than embracing the power of collective focus and dedicated effort, this might not be your ideal fit.

Ready to turn your aspirations into accomplishments? Join Get Stuff Done Buddy and revolutionize the way you work. Experience the power of collective focus, supportive community and a renewed sense of possibility.

Join Today—and Watch Yourself Become Unstoppable!

Get Stuff Done Buddy isn’t merely a membership; it’s a dedication to sustaining your progress. It offers unmatched accountability and serves as a launchpad for your aspirations. At just $197 for an entire year, it’s a small investment with significant returns.

Think about it: that’s less than the cost of a cup of coffee per week! Yet, the sense of accomplishment as you check off your tasks and move closer to your desired life and business is priceless.

And for an even greater value, opt for a lifetime pass at just $597.

Got Questions? Get Answers

How do I get a buddy?

At Get Stuff Done Buddy, you’re not assigned a buddy. And a buddy is not a single person. It’s a thriving community of individuals, joining you in any of our virtual co-working sessions. They’ll be tackling their own goals, while you tackle yours. But working together, you’ll tap into each other’s focus so that productivity becomes a group adventure, and you’ll get great things done!

Can Get Stuff Done Buddy sessions really boost my productivity?

Absolutely! All our sessions borrow from the concept of “body doubling”—in which you work alongside someone for mutual accountability and completion. It’s a well-studied phenomenon that the presence of others can enhance performance, and other research suggests that people feel more motivated when they are part of a group.

What if I’m an introvert?

No worries. You can interact as much or as little as you like during Get Stuff Done sessions. Some sessions are led by facilitators and include check-ins, maybe even virtual high-fives. Other available sessions, you’ll simply show up and get to work (like our silent co-working). 

How do I join sessions?

Each week, you’ll receive an email with news on the week’s sessions and a link to the member calendar. Just click the Add to Calendar button for each session you’d like to attend, and get alerts. The Zoom link to each session will be included in the calendar event that downloads into your calendar.

Can I get “life stuff” done here, not just work stuff?

We’re not here to tell you what to work on; you decide! If you need to clean your kitchen, go for it! Write thank you cards? Do it! We’re here to support you doing whatever you need.

Are the sessions on Get Stuff Done Buddy like classes or group coaching or a cohort-based experience?

Nope! We’ve carved out our niche—we’re all about action and productivity. No classes, no coaching groups or predefined cohorts here. In our Q&Do sessions, you’ll find a touch of coaching, with guest experts on hand to guide you through any questions as you dive into your work. And with the freedom to join sessions throughout the week, the participant mix is ever-changing, avoiding the structure of intentional cohorts. So, for coaching, look elsewhere; but if you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and tackle tasks, you’re in the right place to truly get stuff done!

Do I have to show up at the start of a session or can I join whenever?

Most sessions start with focus-supporting activities or community interaction that you won’t want to miss. If you need more flexibility, you can opt for the drop-in Silent Coworking sessions. Those run all day long, and you can join at any time. Either way, your goals and dreams await, so attend the sessions that are right for you—and get stuff done! 

Do I need to have my video on during the sessions?

One of the secrets of this virtual coworking approach is that seeing everyone else getting their work done, supports you to do the same. So while we’re not going to reach into your computer and turn on your video for you, we do generally request that you keep your video on. Just come as you are; no makeup or hairdos required. 😁 We won’t be recording any of the sessions.    

Is there a facilitator on each session?

On most sessions, facilitators will start with 5-10 minutes of a focus-supporting activity or participant introductions. The drop-in Silent Coworking sessions are not facilitated. Just join, add your goals to the chat, and get to work! 

Is talking allowed during sessions?

The general rule of thumb for talking with others is it’s usually best to send direct chats in Zoom during work times so as not to disrupt others’ focus. Some sessions will have more interaction than others; the Silent Coworking sessions are just that…quiet coworking. And the Happy Hours are, well, you get it. 😄

Do I have to interact with anyone during the session? Is anything required of me once I get on a session?

No worries! You can participate as much or as little as you’re comfortable with. We’re here to support you, and your level of interaction is entirely up to you. There are no specific requirements, and you’re free to engage at your own pace. That said, if you know you don’t want to interact—but you want the silent support of others working alongside you—you’re always assured to have that in the drop-in Silent Coworking sessions that run all day long.

Is it all about work, or can we inject some fun, too?

Because productivity is best served with a side of fun, we’ll be sure to incorporate activities in some of each week’s sessions. For example, a dance break in one of the 2-hour sessions, a celebration happy hour at the end of the week. Got ideas? We’re all ears.

Will I feel judged if I don’t get stuff done?

Definitely not! Get Stuff Done Buddy is a judgment-free zone. It’s all about positive vibes and mutual encouragement. If you didn’t get done what you wanted to, just come to another session and try again!

Let’s get stuff DONE…together

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