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A Community of Achievers

Get Stuff Done Buddy is a revolutionary space born out of the insights of founder Linda Claire Puig. With a rich background in business coaching and training, Linda observed time and again how overwhelm, loneliness and procrastination often stood in the way of her clients turning business strategies into tangible results.

In response, Linda incorporated implementation sessions into her programs, but the limitations of traditional accountability structures became apparent. Session times don’t always align with people’s schedules, and the search for compatible accountability partners often resulted in frustration.

Get Stuff Done Buddy emerged as the solution, offering a diverse range of virtual sessions throughout the week where people can come together and get to work 

Drawing inspiration from Linda’s own international experiences in co-working facilities, we recognize the profound ability of communal energy to amplify focus and productivity. Just as having a workout buddy ensures a good walk, our community becomes your support system.¬†

Whether you’re clearing out the garage, building your website or researching remodeling contractors, Get Stuff Done Buddy welcomes all tasks. In our community, you never have to work alone. Surrounded by the collective energy of fellow achievers, each session becomes a step closer to accomplishing your goals.

Join Get Stuff Done Buddy today, where focus meets community, and your to-dos transform into triumphs!

Let's get stuff DONE...together

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