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June Challenge Leaderboard

Who's Leading the Pack?

Stay motivated and see where you stand in our exciting member challenge. Track your progress and aim for the top!

Keep Pushing Forward!

Your Efforts Matter

Every task you complete brings you one step closer to your goals. Stay committed, stay engaged, and watch as your efforts pay off. Remember, in our community, every small win is a big victory!

“I’ve gotten more stuff done in the last month by attending Get Stuff Done Buddy sessions than I ever have. ”

Peter Johnson

“I’m always amazed at how much more willing I am to be accountable to someone else than to myself.”

Barbara Hemphill

“This is such an anchor for me!  Without it, I just float through the day and don’t get much done.”

Berry Kruijning

“If I hadn’t been here and told everyone I was going to work on my taxes, I would have just been watching TV.”

Kathy Keshemberg